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Toll Free 866-836-3989 Bermuda 234-3535 hartley@logic.bm

Prices 2023

  • $150.00 per diver
  • $130 for 12-5 yrs old
  • $75.00, for those just riding to watch
  • Price includes undersea portraits, with Celebrity Fish + short video on thumb drive.
  • The Bermuda dollar is traded at par with the US one.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

  •  If your plans change you let us know as soon as practical (at least 48hr notice is polite).
  • If your ship  gets lost in the Bermuda Triangle, or goes some where else, we will know. You will not be charged and do not need to notify us. If you are delayed disembarking at nine, for a 9:30 trip, unless notified, we wait 15 minutes.
  • If it is windy with big waves, we must cancel. There is no charge. If it is merely cloudy, or even raining you are expected to show. You are not afraid of water and this is a great thing to do (as opposed to riding scooters), while we all are getting a fresh delivery of water off our roofs.
  • Stay healthy and keep the end in mind.  Do not get sun burned, run yourself ragged, stay our late drinking or be unaware of the time of the month. You will be holding a space that no one else will be able to have.
  • Credit Cards If you have trouble paying online(Amex), or simply wish to use your card, or cash on the boat, you should call to make reservations. Bring card or cash to the boat.No blank signature spaces please. Sign it or fill the space with ‘SEE ID’, or ’ASK FOR ID’. Swipe machine on boat takes Amex, but not online.
  • US dollars are traded at par with BDA$ and are accepted island wide.

Norwegian Getaway at Heritage Wharf Rainbow Runner foreground

Helmet diving vessel, Rainbow Runner, along side the dock face adjacent to Heritage Wharf used in 2022 for Nor. Getaway. Moongate in foreground, right side.


  • Photos are included in this year’s price.
  • One MEMORY STICK per party.
  • Individuals in a group may have ALL their photos put on one thumb drive. Or  pay the $10 to have their personal one and not have to rely on sketchy family members to get them their photos.
  • You will get at least twice as many photos as there are people
  • We do not do prints. I will take photos of each person, then more of whoever they are next to, and then a couple of group shots. These are then put on a flash drive with over 100 of my best photos of all the fish you will see, some you will not, as well as over 50 of my father’s black and white photos  from diving back in the 40’s and 50’s.


  • If time is in greater shortage than money you may choose to charter the boat. This way you do not have to wait for others to have their dive. One also gets a private dive without other people. One also does not have to wait for other people to have their photos and videos taken. Less people on the grab-bar allows us all to get closer to the reef.
  • The charter option is secured by a $300 fee, in addition to the regular per person fees. There are minimums of 2,3 and 4 for low, mid and high seasons.