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Awesome experience

TripAdvisor review: Hartley Helmet Diving in Bermuda

The helmet dive was awesome! Greg Hartley and his son were incredible with our family. My wife can’t swim, but she loved the experience. Greg is extremely knowledgeable, funny, philosophical, and generally a great host for this trip…what a character. I would highly recommend this experience for anyone who wants to see everything under the sea


Dec 31, 2018

Wonderful experience for the novice swimmer

TripAdvisor review: Hartley Helmet Diving in Bermuda

The crew were very knowledgeable and friendly. It was a great way to see the bottom of the ocean for those who don’t like snorkeling or cannot swim. got to see all type of fish and coral and were able to find out all the names of the fish. We feed the fish and were very comfortable.

David W

Dec 7, 2018


TripAdvisor review: Hartley Helmet Diving in Bermuda

This was my first to Bermuda and I wanted to do something special and this adventure/experience was definitely it. I am “non-practiced” (dont know how to) at swimming so at first I was a little nervous. However, this was by far the best thing I have ever done. Greg and his son Ben were extremely knowledgeable and nice. They provided wetsuits for us and an amazing time underwater and along the ocean floor. We learned so much and was able to interact with some beautiful ocean life. I highly recommend this adventure when in Bermuda.


Nov 17, 2018

The ‘Beyond Snorkelling’ Experience

TripAdvisor review: Hartley Helmet Diving in Bermuda

Greg claims unemotional people don’t give reviews, but here’s mine anyway!

There are cookie-cutter activities done like amusement park rides where you’re just another dollar in their pocket, and then there are intimate, learning experiences with families like the Hartley’s. They try to get to know you more as a person, and let you get to know them. This is off-putting for some, but I’d rather trust my safety to friends rather than a faceless corporation.

The day started out a bit wet, which didn’t matter as you’re going underwater anyway. We all met on time and had a pleasant ride to the dive site on their very nice boat, while Greg familiarized us with their operations and some things we would see. My wife was extremely fearful of the dive itself, but Greg managed to coax her to the bottom…twice! (No small feat.) She didn’t go through with it, however. She probably would have found the compressed air a bit too loud in her ears, and she has trouble ‘popping’ her ears with air pressure, so may have found it a little uncomfortable.

That’s about it for the downsides! Greg takes you through the whole experience in an organized, practiced manner (which someone described as feeling ‘contrived’) since you do need to see a lot in a relatively short amount of time. This was done perfectly, and the experience of being able to stay on the bottom, front and center with the fish (and almost a turtle!) without having to worry about surfacing for air was a great new sensation! The pictures were well worth buying as well, especially since I forgot my camera on board!

All in all, the best bargain price for air on the island! Highly recommended.


Nov 16, 2018

Great for non-swimmers! (and swimmers too :))

TripAdvisor review: Hartley Helmet Diving in Bermuda

Greg made everyone very feel comfortable and safe. That was very important to me as I snorkel but my husband is very afraid of water. Through this adventure, he was able to see what I love about snorkeling.

During the ride to the dive location we discussed what we would be seeing and learned a lot about sea life. It was nice to have someone explain what you were seeing. Even underwater Greg used signs to point out things that he had discussed during the ride out.

Communications and questions received quick responses during the booking process.

It was really better than I anticipated and the next time we go to Bermuda, we will go again!

Nov 1, 2018

Julia B


TripAdvisor review: Hartley’s Undersea Walk

I just had the most amazing experience I’ve ever had when you are underwater it’s so active and your constantly looking around it’s absolutely breathtaking. The whole experience was great Greg was very informative and he definitely had his technique down he was on top of everything when your under water everything was labeled so you know what your looking at. We are already talking about returning to Bermuda just to helmet dive thank you for that incredible experience.


Oct 27, 2018

Great Experience(and swimmers too :))

TripAdvisor review: Hartley’s Undersea Walk

My wife and I, and another couple, all over the age of 60, recently had a wonderful, unique experience while on a cruise to Bermuda. We ventured out of our comfort zone and booked with Hartley’s Undersea Walk. Everything went smoothly, as it was easy to book, and then keep in touch with the company. The big day came, and Greg and his son were on time, and completed the paperwork and payments for what had become a group of 17 nervous tourists. The fact that the weather was windy, the waves quite choppy, with even rain squalls only increased our apprehension; however Greg explained what to do, and assured us we would be fine. And we were …..every person emerged from their walk excited, exhilarated, and full of stories about their dive. The pictures and videos of our dive will be treasured as long as we have breath to brag about this unique experience. Kudos to Greg and his son for helping to make lifetime memories for all of us via their skills and professionalism.

Paul R

Oct 16, 2018

Incredible experience

TripAdvisor review: Hartley Helmet Diving in Bermuda If in Bermuda, you must do this and spend the extra to get the photos. Normally we steer away from the upsell but this is unique and good value. It was an incredible experience and we had an absolute blast. A definite for anyone in Bermuda.


Oct 15, 2018

A Quality Underwater Experience

TripAdvisor review: Hartley Helmet Diving in Bermuda

My 10 year old daughter and I took the dive tour on Oct. 9, 2018 while in Bermuda during a Royal Caribbean cruise. As promised, Capt. Greg and his son met us and 8 others near the Calico Jack’s boat next to the cruise pier.

As we boarded and headed out to the diving spot, Capt. Greg offered some instruction about the dive and what to do and what to expect. He also offered his philosophy of life and other subjects if anyone cared to engage him.

The day of our dive, the weather was partly sunny with a bit of a wind. The water temp. was 79.5 degrees, so Capt. Greg said that we would use wetsuits. After getting into our suits and having weight belts put on us, which can be a fun experience all its own, the first group of 5 divers and Capt. Greg entered the water. After about 40-45 minutes, the first group of divers exited the water with positive words.

We then stepped onto the ladder/platform at the back of the boat and got into the water. Once the water was at our shoulders, Capt. Greg’s son placed the diving helmet onto our heads and told us to step down the ladder to the bottom of the ocean floor.

Once on the ocean floor, all 5 divers held onto the pvc pipe & rope and were led around by Capt. Greg. He was feeding fish so they would come near us and he could take photos & videos of us. We were able to see the coral reef and Capt. Greg used signs to explain what the coral and animals were. He would help us feed fish, coral animals. Capt. Greg was very patient and ensured each diver got to feed fish, hold fish and enjoy the coral and animals surrounding us.

We were underwater about 40-45 minutes and got to see plenty of underwater life. This experience was definitely better than any snorkeling experience because you spend so much actual time underwater without having to surface for air. For a small fee, Capt. Greg will provide you with personal pictures and video of your experience.

I highly recommend Hartley Helmet Diving to anyone who wants an upgrade to snorkeling in a safe environment. Do it. You and your family will enjoy it.

Chad H

Oct 14, 2018