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Helmet Diving Videos in Bermuda

The right hand video is a brief introduction to Hartley’s Helmet Diving in Bermuda. Thanks to the Hartley family, visitors to Bermuda have been able to experience the coral reef eco-system “up close and personal” for over 60 years. Please view these videos to get a good idea of how exciting, educational and just plain fun Helmet Diving, a special Bermuda water tour, can be. Not all are professional productions, but you will get the idea.

Promotional Video

  https://youtu.be/PgBRrKQjttc 30 second clip of highlights. Taken July 2017

Bronson Hartley and his two sons, Chris and Greg

The first 1.5 minutes is old 16mm cellulose film looking fast as the winder on the camera was slowing down. It looks fast when replayed at normal speed. The rest is digital. http://youtu.be/A-WergN4rEY

Greg and Sandy Hartley feeding giant grouper

This footage is on the edge of the volcano's crater where it starts to get deep, but we have seen similar creatures at our reef, which is away from land half way to the edge. http://youtu.be/GdUPieVkw3Q