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Price, Location and Times


< Price: $108 per diver $50 for riders

Trip length: 3-4 hours

Dive length: 30-40 minutes

Age requirement: Over five is ideal. Ability to read beneficial.

Health requirement: Bermuda authorities require insurance, and the insurance company require THIS FORM to be completed. Bring it filled out and get brownie points and possibly extra air.

Departure Times: 9:00AM and 1:30PM Unless chartered (Check in on boat Rainbow Runner 20-30 minutes before departure). Sometimes at 10AM and 2PM, depending on cruiseship arrival times.

Departure point: By Heritage Wharf, at the dock in front of the Moon-gate, next to floating bar Calico Jacks, in Dockyard. For a live view visit: www.portbermudawebcam.com

Dive site: Thirty minutes away, less than two miles from shore, in 8-12 feet of water, inside the reef line. Click here to go to Google map centered on our dive site.  We dive in the sandy area right in the center of the photo. Better is archived static .photo of our boat at the reef.

Water Temperature: April 66-68,May 69-75, June 76-79, July 80-83, August 84-83, Sept. 83-83, Oct. 83-75, Nov Dec over 70. Investigate www.weather.bm for more info on water or land temperature.

View map in satellite mode.  Our boat docks right by the pointer. Floating bar Calico Jacks is to the left of the pointer.

I may want to book.

Departure point

Easy walking distance from all ships berthed in Dockyard.


Hartley Dive boat at regular pick-up point, next to black floating bar Calico Jacks

From Heritage Wharf looking SW with white dive vessel, Rainbow Runner, next to Floating bar Calico Jacks.

Do not ask where Hartley’s , or the helmet diving is located. If in doubt ask for the moongate in Dockyard. This is a concrete circle, like a life saver, or a pineapple ring stuck on edge into the ground. A larger, louder, land mark, is the floating bar Calico Jacks. It is just to the left of the orange pointer marking our spot. Our vessel, Rainbow Runner, will arrive about 30 minutes before departure, and dock right next to the moongate and Calico Jacks. There is a rainbow design on the side of our fly bridge, with not a pot of gold at the end, but rather a golden diving helmet.

We are a two minute walk from the ferry stop, a four minute walk from Norwegian’s Heritage Wharf docking space, and an eight minute slow walk from Kings Wharf used by the Celebrity and Royal Caribbean ships.

The above Royal Navy Dockyard panoramic photo is taken from near the end of Heritage Wharf (used by the NCL ships),  looking southwest. To the left you see Anthem of the Seas passengers lining up to get back aboard after an awesome Bermuda holiday. Continuing towards the right there is a taxi and bus parking. You can also see the two towers of the Clocktower Mall. Above the mall is the garrison called Casemates (was later used as a prison). Below the two towers of the mall is the Moongate. Below the Moongate is the back of our boat. In front of our boat is the fun loving, plank walking, music pumping, rum drinking Calico Jacks. It is also the departure point of fly boarding Coconut Rockets(in center of photo).

More info on departure point

More info on departure point

Do not ask where Hartley's , or the helmet diving is located. If in doubt ask for the moongate in Dockyard. This is a concrete circle, like a life saver, or a pineapple ring stuck on edge into the ground. A larger, land mark is the floating bar Calico Jacks visible in...

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Detail on Daily to Yearly Times

Detail on Daily to Yearly Times

Daily If we have two trips on  one day, we will have the first one at 9:30 in order to have plenty of time to get back for the 1:30 afternoon trip. If any ship gets in a 9am then the trip is moved to 10. Afternoon trips are generally at 1:30 unless a ship gets in at...

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More on Money

More on Money

Prices 2019 $108.00 per diver $50.00, for those just riding to watch There are some fees on the online booking platform The Bermuda dollar is traded at par with the US one. Refund/Cancellation Policy The credit card number we take at the time of booking is to create...

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