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If you like snorkeling in Bermuda, you’ll love Hartley’s Helmet Diving If you can’t swim you’ll love it even more. In this amazing Bermuda water tour you get to be up close and interacting with tropical fish. No scuba diving lessons or snorkeling skills are required for shallow water bell diving. Explore the ocean bed to witness the activity for yourself, first hand. Helmet diving is not really a water sport, because physical skill and exertion are not required. Just walk, breathe and enjoy the action, while your head is totally dry. Think outside the Bermuda snorkeling box. This is the most dignified (no snorkel or regulator stuffed in your mouth), and safest way of actually being underwater, with out the risks normally associated with scuba diving, or being stuck on the surface merely snorkeling.
Helmet Divers in Bermuda holding a grey snapper

Leroy pushes himself into people’s hands because that MAKES me feed him.

Our undersea walk offers so much more than the dazzling fish and vibrant corals. promised by other Bermuda shore excursions. We make friends with individual creatures so you are able to touch, pet and get awesome photos of you and the fish, like you see in the photos on display. Helmet diving as a water tour, with tame fish, was started by Greg Hartley’s father, Bronson Hartley in 1947.  Today, Diana the Bermuda angelfish, Charles the hogfish, Gollum the squirrelfish and Herb the hind are few of the regulars at our reef, out in the wild, ready to perform their magic. Some you actually caress, cradle or hold, some pose for photos, a few do tricks, and others simply hold you in awe by their grace and fluidity. Hartley’s undersea walk, or bell diving, is conducted on the sandy bottom 8-10 feet down, less than two miles from Bermuda’s western shore. Google image with boat at reef.The now closed Nassau, Bahamas undersea walk was started in 1958, by Bronson and Martica Hartley and was later run by my brother Christopher Hartley. The dive is about 30-40 minutes long and the trip is 3-4 hours depending on how many divers we have.  The price is $108 per person, an excellent value. Yet money is not the central issue. Our primary aim is to give you an inspiring, educational, entertaining, and safe, yet paradoxically awesome experience. With this up-grade of Hartley’s Undersea Walk, your head stays dry, you learn about Bermuda fish and corals, all while having loads of fun. The video to the upper, right is an easy 3 minute opportunity to discover by watching and hearing, rather than by merely reading. If it is during waking hours and a conversation would be helpful, call meat 321 256 1841. That is equivalent to a call to Florida. If you are outside of the US, or pay for calls to Florida, then call toll-free 866-836-3989. You may also email hartley@logic.bm . Remember to include an evening number and a good time to return the call. That way we can plan out your vacation to include this awesome undersea adventure. You may also reserve spaces or merely check availability by clicking this orange THIS IS MY BOLD STEP FORWARD