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Daughter of Hartley's Helmet Diving's owners at age 3 1/2
Daughter Sandy, now 33, diving at age 3 1/2.

If you like snorkeling, you will like Hartleys helmet diving.

If you can’t swim you’ll love it even more.

You have found the amazing reef safari where Tarzan/Dr. Dolittle will call on his aquatic friends to overcome their natural suspicion by interacting with you. Though Greg Hartley was not raised by fish (1st dive at age 3½), and his marine companions will not be called upon to save you, they will perform feats according to their abilities- an undersea circus.

Helmet Divers in Bermuda holding a grey snapper
Leroy pushes himself into people’s hands because that makes me feed him.

Our undersea walk offers so much more than the dazzling fish, vibrant corals promised by many water tours. Think outside the snorkeling box! No scuba lessons or swim skill needed for your close encounter with Bermuda fish and invertebrates.

Diana the Bermuda angelfish, Charles the hogfish, Gollum the squirrelfish and Herb the hind are few of the regulars at our reef, out in the wild, ready to perform their magic. Some you actually pet or hold, some pose for photos, a few do tricks, and others simply hold you in awe by their grace, beauty, and fluidity.


Helmet diving as a water tour was started by the Hartley family in 1947. This shore excursion is not really a water sport because it is so easy and effortless. Our undersea walk is in 8-10 feet of water less than 2 miles from Bermuda’s western shore. The dive is about 30-40 minutes long and the trip is 3-4 hours depending on how many divers we have.  The price is $108 per person, an excellent value, but money is not the central issue. Our aim is to give you an inspiring, educational, entertaining, and safe, yet awesome experience. With Hartley’s Undersea Walk, your head stays dry, you learn about Bermuda fish and corals, all while having loads of fun.

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