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Happy helmet diver with only one leg, using a stick for balance, posing with Diana the Angelfish.

This victorious diver is holding a broom stick for stability, as he only has one leg.

The physical stress of a Hartley helmet dive is minimal. However, if you are sick enough that a minor amount of exercise will precipitate a medical crisis, then you should not do this. If you have a probation officer, you may not get a job at a bank. If you have a cardiologist, I will be nervous taking you diving. If you can hustle, (not necessarily run), up a flight of stairs, without gasping and clutching your chest at the top, then you are probably good to go.

Any problems we have had on board our boat have not been because of boats sinking, sharks attacking, lightening striking, UFO’s abduction, or air pumps stopping, and have had nothing to do with the dive itself. If you have circulatory or other health issues, please make the appropriate life style changes. Then celebrate life and your restored health, by taking an inspiring undersea walk, at a later date. Riders can come aboard and see through the glass bottom for half price.

The legal waiver/medical form must be filled out and signed before we leave the dock. If you have been diagnosed with any of the conditions mentioned in questions 1, 2, or 3 and have been prescribed drugs, you will need approval, in writing, from the doctor. Either print out Doctor’s Approval Form and have the doctor fill it in, or they can use something with their letterhead. If you are in doubt, give me a call at 321 256 1841.

Present completed form(s) at check-in on the boat.