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40 ft Bermuda helmet diving vessel under way.

Rainbow Runner on the way back to her moorings in Mangrove Bay after a day of creating memorable experiences.

Dive vessel, Rainbow Runner is sea worthy, having made an ocean crossing from Miami to Bermuda.


  • She is constructed from solid laminated fiberglass, not foam core.
  • She has water tight-bulkheads that go above the waterline.
  • The one inch thick plexi-glass bottoms are surrounded by water proof compartments.
  • The keel has a steel shoe on the bottom protecting it from Bermuda’s treacherous reefs.
  • The propeller has strong metal running underneath it for protection. (We have a spare prop).
  • We have more buckets and pumps (electric and manual) than required by law.
  • We have over 50 life jackets, yet we are licensed for 40 passengers. With 28 passengers (four dives of seven), we are never at full capacity.
  • There are at least two cell phones on board, as well as a VHF radio.
  • We are not required to have a life boat,  because we dive within the reef line (less than 2 miles from shore).
  • Though we do regular maintenance and have a fuel sight glass, we do carry tools, spare parts and extra fuel.
  • To get a Bermuda Marine and Ports License all dive boats  have an annual inspection of maintenance logs, oxygen unit, fire fighting equipment, flares, smoke signals training certificates, and first aid kit.
  •  A rope in the prop, or an impeller change would merely cause a delay.