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At age ten young Bronson Hartley was expecting to see jungles filled with parrots and monkeys. His disappointment was soon soothed by the wild life undersea with the sight of parrotfish, angelfish and jungles of waving corals. Hartley Sr. was raised to be inquisitive, inventive and self reliant. Perhaps his older brother helped him. I do know he made friends with another lad ‘Smokey’ Wingood who ordered a diving helmet from a catalog. The helmet was kept at Bronny’s  house because ‘Smokey’s’  parents did not know, and would not approve of this purchase. Father copied the helmet by making one from a white lead paint tin. Having little money, he made hand operated air pumps and did buy hoses. He spent his childhood improving the design from one to three windows, and having a blast exploring the marine world.