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Photo of blue stripped grunt in Bermuda

Georage is a blue stripped grunt

Our George the grunt is named after the first (to my knowledge), fish trained enough to be in photos, by Bronson Hartley. Grunts are a little scatterbrained and act unsure and confused. It takes them a while to figure out exactly how the free food comes to be and how to get it. Normally they dig in the sand by slurping it in their mouths, shunting the fine particles out of their gills, spitting out the stones and swallowing worms, crabs and other edibles. They would never even think of anything as audacious as to chase after a fish and eat it.That would be something unnatural, reserved to other fish like snappers and groupers. Eating is to be done face down in the sand or mud. Certainly pecking at the reef like a parrotfish would be out of the question. I have made a hand held feeder to allow eating mid-water to become easier. It allows divers to feel George suck the food in his mouth without said mouth being close to fingers.