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Leroy attempted to fill the fins of Stormin’ Normin upon her departure. He was named Leroy by James Baxter in an attempt to represent ‘the brothers’. Leroy Brown was the baddest man in town. However, Leroy is actually number three in ranking. Number two bites him and me and is a pain in the fingers. Number two hides above or behind me, and comes darting out of the blue when a piece of squid hovers a millisecond in sight more than it should. Leroy is good-natured and poses well for photos. He tolerates being pushed around for photos cause he knows he will get fed. Divers are asked not to grope, grab, and molest him. He is tolerant when they do not listen. The idea is that he gets touched and then fed. It is like he is getting paid to be touched. It is unfair to have something taken from you without compensation. He is still here so he must think that it is an OK deal.