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Locust lobster on a bermuda reef.

Locust lobsters, mini dozers, use the flaps in front to overturn objects on the bottom and gobble goodies that were hiding beneath.

This is a very primitive looking fellow. His MO is to use the paddle pushers on his front to turn over loose rock and eat the critters scuttling for safety. These crustaceans  are rare so they are not on restaurant menus and most lobster divers would leave them alone though they are as edible as regular lobsters. They have poor eyesight and when one stumbles into us, I pick it up and let people touch it. They, like regular lobsters do the hard tail flick to achieve a quick retreat. One must hold them firmly and they do not have spines. They do eat mussels which is how I snapped this shot as he was climbing on our mussel cage. Large groupers and sharks like to eat them.