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Norwegian Getaway at Heritage Wharf Rainbow Runner foreground, Moongate right side
Helmet diving vessel, Rainbow Runner, along side the dock face adjacent to Heritage Wharf used in 2022 for Nor. Getaway. Moongate in foreground, right side.

Do not ask where Hartley’s , or the helmet diving is located. If in doubt ask for the moon gate in Dockyard. This is a concrete circle, like a life saver, or a pineapple ring stuck on edge into the ground. Calico jacks is no longer there. Our boat, Rainbow Runner, will arrive about 30 minutes before departure, and dock right next to the moon gate. There is a rainbow design on the side of our fly bridge, with not a pot of gold at the end, but rather a golden diving helmet.

We are a three minute walk from the ferry stop, a two minute walk from Norwegian’s Heritage Wharf docking space, and a four minute walk from Kings Wharf used by the Celebrity and Royal Caribbean ships.

The nearby photo is taken from the top of the fortification wall, looking east.The Norwegian Getaway is off to the left, berthing on Heritage Wharf. Rainbow Runner is in the center of the shot. The moon gate is on edge, but still visible.

The water, just below the horizon (On the other side of the tug boats and the 3 masts), of the nearby photo, is King’s ‘Wharf, used by the Celebrity Summit and the Anthem of the Seas.The floating bar Calico Jacks is gone. Our boat is on the left of the photo. Island Tour Centre is the blue building on the right.