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Toll Free 866-836-3989 Bermuda 234-3535 hartley@ibl.bm


If we have two trips on  one day, we will have the first one at 9:30 in order to have plenty of time to get back for the 1:30 afternoon trip. If any ship gets in a 9am then the trip is moved to 10.

Afternoon trips are generally at 1:30 unless a ship gets in at 1pm. Then the trip is at 2pm


When the season is in full swing we have more trips to give you a wider choice and more convenience.

Sunday at 1:30 or 2 if a ship gets in at 1, Monday 9:30 and 1:30, and Tuesday at 10.

Wednesday and Thursday 9:30 and 1:30, Friday at 10.

Saturday are sometimes lined up for locals or those on odd ships like the Disney ones. This schedule page is a bit obsolete now with an online calander.


We like to start by Easter because of the increase in vacationing at that time.

By the end of October the weather has become less suitable for diving, the ships stop coming and the phone rings less. During November and December we do diving charters if pre-arranged. However, we can also do inexpensive charter cruises to beaches, along the coast line poking through islands, glass bottom tours or even snorkeling (bring your own snorkel equipment), with wet suits. If you are a goat coming to Bermuda during an odd time of year, call us at 866 836 3989 and we can create some fun around the weather. Some time in the new year we take the ropes in and then trips to our reef are more difficult. No trips during February and March.  Rainbow Runner is out of commission and up on slip during March.