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Forget the barred windows and the lead boots! Helmet diving is the safest and easiest way to visit the undersea. In shallow water helmet diving, you walk and your head is completely dry. You can wear glasses or contacts, as you normally do. Unlike snorkeling, you do not know how to swim. This is why no lessons are needed.

Unlike the traditional or commercial hard hat diving, the padded helmet simply rests on your shoulders. The diving helmet works like a glass turned upside down in water. As long as the open end is held downward, the air is cupped underneath. This is similar, but opposite, to how a glass contains water, when held right side up in air. The collar of lead at the bottom keeps the padded, open end, down. As the bottom is open, it is easy to reach inside to clear your ears or scratch your nose.

S Bermudian caressing Herb the hind.

Herb the hind gets to be the star when the snappers are off mating, mid-summer.

Regular Bermuda air is continually pumped into your ‘diving bell’, so you just breathe normally. There is no regulator or snorkel intruding your mouth. As on land, you breathe without thinking about it. Hartley’s wash their helmets with a soapy solution, to prevent them from fogging.

Like your parents said when you became a teenager, posture is important. No slouching. Your head and shoulders should be upright, and to walk, your knees bent. If you tilt your head to the side your ear will get wet as water comes in (Law of Nature, the water stays level). When you straighten up the air pump will push the water our. The instant feedback makes it very easy to figure out.

Two helmet divers in Bermuda, one holding a grouper.

Greg and Sandy Hartley with Barrak the Black Grouper.

Chris Hartley helmet diving in Nassau with his cat Jasmine.

My brother ,Chris Hartley, with Jasmine the cat and Harry the Grouper in Nassau

Helmet diving is ideal because you already know how to walk and breathe. Though you can go further with snorkeling, this takes you to, and keeps you with the fish, without holding your breath or thrashing around. You are safer closer to the boat. We have food, so the fish come to us.

There are three big windows. The largest is in front for main viewing. As with snorkeling mask or a glass bottom boat, any flat glass magnifies by about a third. Things appear larger and therefore closer than on land. It does not take long to adjust. There is a window on each side for viewing, fellow divers, approaching luncheon guests, or just getting one’s bearings. Take a bold step. The effort is minimal and the enjoyment stupendous.

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