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We are easy walking distance from all Dockyard ships

Puffer in Bermuda Whether you are cruising to Bermuda on the Norwegian Dawn, Norwegian Breakaway, Celebrity Summit, Explorer of the Seas, Enchantment of the Seas, Carnival Legend, or Carnival Splendor, you will find Hartley's Undersea Walk Bermuda's best shore excursion, with the most fun and value for money.We are no longer being offered by any cruiseship shore excursions program. You can skip all the reading and book directly with us, by calling toll-free 866 836 3989. You will talk to a Hartley (husband, wife or son), to set up your tour.You can discuss the best time for you to join us, the exact departure point, how to book, and what you will see and do. Be goats not sheep.

Norwegian Dawn

Norwegian Breakaway

Soft Corals in Bermuda Norwegian Gem at Heritage Wharf, Bermuda
     The Norwegian Dawn and the Norwegian Breakaway use the newly built Heritage Wharf . It is the larger white rectangle, with a larger building and shadow, than King's Wharf, which is in line with it, but further south, with a smaller concrete rectangle, building and shadow.
     The Norwegian Dawn arrives on Sunday at 11am and leaves at 5pm on Tuesdays. The Breakaway arrives at 7:30am on Wedesdays and leaves at 5:00pm on Friday. We do not do Sunday or Friday trips till it gets busy. You will see the Moongate from your ship. Walk towards the pillars and gates that are at the end of the suspended concrete dock where it joins solid land proper. That the dock is suspended is clear from the photo on Departure Point & Procedures. Then hang a right, and walk less than 200yds down the dock closer to the Moongate and the fortification wall of Dockyard proper. We use the corner of the dock that is in the center of this GoogleMaps link. Click Contact Us & Pricing to email me info including your EVENING PHONE NUMBER so I can call you and get info not entered on the booking form, such as your card number. This is also a good time to get answers to questions refering to our trip or Bermuda in general. So do not miss the fun of this unique tour that is family run and encourages hands on interaction with the marine life. The old photo of Norwegian Gem shows us where we used to be to pick up Shore Excursions tours. We now always use our normal spot, less than a couple hundred yards to the right.

Enchantmentof the Seas(Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines)

Explorer of the Seas(Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines)

Greg Hartley helmet diving with grey snapper       These ships take turns coming to King's Wharf at the Royal Navy Dockyard, Bermuda. They dock at 8:00am or 9:00am on Monday and leave Tuesday at 4 or 5:00pm. Monday afternoons at 1:30 or Tuesday mornings at 9:30 work fine.The Explorer will sometimes come for a one day visit on Saturday. On these days we will do a mid day trip so we get back well before your ship departure. We do not want any stress. You are on holiday. Click here for a Google satellite shot of Dockyard which shows your dock/arrivals shed at the bottom of the photo, and the corner of the dock we use, touching the top border of the image.

Celebrity Summit

Locust lobster in Bermuda       This Celebrity ship arrives at Kings Wharf at 9am on Wednesdays, an hour after the Norwegian Breakaway comes along side the Heritage Wharf, just to the north. You are invited to join us on either Wednesday or Thursday at 9:30 or 1:30 trip . If it is not after 9pm Eastern time then call me right now at 866 836 3989 and make your reservation.

There are other undersea walks

Greg Hartley  on Sea Trek       My father Bronson Hartley built his first diving helmet in 1930, and was the first to conductthis type of tour in 1947. It caused me confusion when folks would claim our tour was way better than other undersea walks conducted in other parts of the world (even Australia). It was not untill I went on a Sea Trek in St Thomas, that the situation became clear. The photo of me wearing a white diving helmet, is of one of the more riveting moments of the dive, when I was handed a sea cucumber. Though they are personable and do a good job...
1.Their helmets are inferior, specifically in window size, number and general visability.
2.Their operation is employee run rather than owner run (Draw your own conclusions).
3.There is very little education or information about the marine life. Nothing is identified or even pointed out underwater.
4.You are simply walking one behind the other (ten at a time)in circle, sliding you hands along a fixed chain,with your 'guide' at the front of the line.
5.There are fish there begging to be tamed and made freinds with but....nothing! Perhaps it is because they are not Hartleys.
6. They make you wear gloves and shoes (Their bottom is not sandy).
It would be so easy to do it better and all would benefit. Their water is bound to be warmer (We offer you full length wet suits when the water is below 80f), and their water may even be clearer, but we give you a better, longer (25-30min not 15-18) dive. You could also go to www.cruisecritic.com and see what others have said about their dive with us. Hartley's Helmet Diving is said to be the best. You will be talking about it all the way home and longer!

Other ships

Soft Corals in Bermuda       Some ships come to Bermuda only once or twice a season. They often dock in Hamilton.Click here to see Google shot of Hamilton Harbour, centered on the ferry terminal. We do not get much business from them because many are old at heart. Be young! Give us a call on the toll-free line at 866 836 3989 and we will give you the scoop.
A complete lising of all the ships servicing Bermuda and the times can be found at
www.rccbermuda.bm. Click on the shipping tab on the left. Cruising passengers have such a limited time on the island. We appreciate that your time is very valuable and should be spent wisely. Join us for a truly awesome experience. Check out this YouTube video of Charles the Hogfish being very cool while I hold him.
Did the tour in St. Thomas

Testimonial Bermuda visitor who did Sea Trek

    Did a tour in St.Thomas and it doesn't compare to Hartley's Tour. On this tour we were more involved. We were able to touch and feed the fish. Hartley is a great tour guide as well as a person.
Neil& Jeanne Jackson
New York City

Swimming fish in Bermuda
We make it easy, call toll-free
between 8am and 9pm EST


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