Hartley's Undersea Walk is Bermuda 's best watersports activity.
Greg Hartley helmet diving in Bermuda with hogfish

       Our helmet diving has been a part of Bermuda Tourism for over 56 years. Forget the Bermuda Triangle, the barred windows and lead boots! Shallow water helmet diving is the safest undersea adventure anyone can do, and yet everyone, even certified divers, finds exciting. Fun for the whole family. Take your helmet diving adventure on the sandy bottom in 10 feet of turquoise water, between coral reefs and waving sea fans will be the highlight of your Bermuda vacation. Tropical parrotfish browse casually about golden heads of coral, just feet away, while beautiful Bermuda angelfish eat right from your hand. Before you arrive you should check out the bermuda weather by visiting www.weather.bm .

Bermuda tourists helmet diving with puffer. Helmet Divers in Bermuda with Snapper        My father, Bronson Hartley, an esteemed marine biologist, came to Bermuda in 1930, from New York city to escape the Depression.At age ten he built his first diving helmet, and perfected his invention during his adolesence. As a young man he worked with famous marine pioneer and naturalist Dr. William Bebee. In 1947 just after the war he turned his hobby into his profession. At first he used a dive site by Green Bay. Later he dove from Stag Rocks and kept his boat in Flatts Village (169kb). Over the years he enhanced the experience of thousands of visitors to Bermuda. Now I follow in his footsteps by guiding each dive among the waving sea fans and tropical Bermuda fish. His invention, the Hartley Diving Helmet, works like a glass turned upside down in water. There is no Bermuda Triangle mystery here.

Sandy Hartley helmet diving in Bermuda with angelfish.        There is a constant supply of fresh air pumped from the boat and the excess bubbles freely flow out the bottom. Your head stays dry and you can reach in to touch your face or adjust your glasses. You can even wear your prescription glasses or contact lens. There is no regulator or snorkel crammed into your mouth, and no mask squeezing your face as in other watersports. You need no lessons or swimming ability-only a bathing suit, a towel and a spirit of adventure. Because we are helmet diving on the same reef every time, our finny friends have become used to us. There is no net enclosing this interactive eco-friendly tour. Some are so tame they will let you pet and hold them, as I take your portrait. We now have a superb digital camera (8megapixel) with a very wide angle lens. This means we can take family shots.They are put on a CD so you will have them on your Bermuda vacation. There are written messages to identify fish and communicate, so there is very little to remember. My brother, Chris Hartley operated a similar helmet diving adventure in Nassau, Bahamas (www.underseawalk.com). Click here to see brother Chris and his diving cat. For Bermuda bound visitors, it will be my pleasure to show the fascinating marine world that awaits you. You will love this undersea adventure where you scrutinize the fish from so close that you can count their scales.Here is a link to a cool article on us by Krolltravel.

Sandy's at 15yrs holding Barack (first dive was at 15 months). Greg and Sandy Hartley with black grouper. YouTube of Sandy feeding giant black grouper 20 times bigger than Barack..
Yours sincerely,
Greg Hartley
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Hartley's Under Sea Adventures Ltd.

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         Greg Hartley in Bermuda. Greg Hartley

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Chris's YouTube video of Ben diving at 10 months. Ben Hartley helmet diving in Bermuda Ben Hartley at 3 1/2 yrs.

Left Hubby To come Diving
Bermuda tourist likes undersea walk.
        What a wonderful experience.I'm a non-swimmer who always wanted to try scuba or snorkelling, but couldn't. I loved touching the fish, walking on (the) bottom of the ocean and seeing the corals. Greg Hartley puts on a great tour. Glad I left my husband on his fishing boat for this.
       Jean Tom
        New Jersey
Red hind in Bermuda.

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