Soft Corals in Bermuda

Soft Corals Awake in Bermuda

Comensural Anemonies in Chimney Sponge, Bermuda

Anemonies living in sponge tissue

Glaucus Atlanticus: Pelagic Gastropod Which Eats Portuguese Man O' Wars.

Glaucus Atlanticus Bermuda

Cavernous Star coral in Bermuda

Cavernous Star Coral Bermuda

Brain Coral

Most Bermuda corals have a symbiotic relationship with algae

Bermudian Black Sponge.

Black Spoonge in Bermuda

Bermudian Spiny Lobster.

Bermuda Spiny Lobster

Shrimp Living In Anemone.

Shrimp in Anemone in Bermuda


Tubeworm photo by Greg Hartley

Sea Hare in Bermuda

Sea hare photo by Greg Hartley

Ascidians in Bermuda

Ascidian photo by helmet diver in Bermuda

  Brought Academics Life

        "I am a college student and never dreamed I would actually see and touch what I've seen on slides, TV or magazines. It was an experience of a lifetime."
Yumeika Hudson
Flint, MI USA
University of Michigan
Testimonial of Bermuda tourist on tourist attraction

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