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Martica Hartley in Bermuda        Plan your Bermuda vacation by choosing a time that matches your interest. Bermuda weather is great for golf in winter, but not watersports. If it is presently between 7am and 9pm EST call Greg or Lynda at (866) 836-3989 to discuss options, the best time to join us, or any other questions you may have about our tour or Bermuda . This toll-free number operates through the computer,so if there is an internet problem, it goes right into voice mail. We will call you as soon as we are back on the grid.

Yearly Schedule

       Our Bermuda helmet diving season starts early in April (around Easter), and regular trips end some time in the very beginning of November, depending on the weather and the amount of visitors on the island. We have been know to do cheap ($600) end of season charters for only two people. After the new year I take the ropes in and we are truly closed. For a November, December trip call us toll-free at 866 836 3989 and we can discuss options. It is best to visit in the season as the fish are on the case, the weather is generally good, and we have enough people to conduct per person trips.

Weekly Schedule

Helmet divers in Bermuda  Holding Grab Bar Oceanic Sea Slug Glaucus Atlanticus in Bermuda        Though we like to have one day off per week (Sunday?), we sometimes have none (end of August), and sometimes three or more (April, May, October), depending on the weather and bookings. We are generally open on Bermuda public holidays, perhaps only one day of Cup Match. If we go out on family outings, my wife and I both carry cell phones (His 334-7607, Hers 335-2981). It is risky to just show up without reservations, because sometimes we have charters, and do not always pick-up at the Moon Gate in Dockyard. Sometimes we take local school trips.Maximize you time in Bermuda by planning in advance. Call us so we can advise you on what to do, and when, based on the weather, where you are staying, your budget, length of stay and interests. Do not fear that you will be coerced into booking by some slick, highly trained sales team that will call you repeatedly by your first name. There is just me (verbose Greg), my wife Lynda and possibly our son, Ben answering the phone.

Daily Schedule

Alexandra Hartley in Bermuda Undersea walk in Bermuda        We usually have two helmet diving trips each day, one at 9:30AM and the other at 1:30PM. These departure times may change a bit to accommodate either the arrival or departure of a ship that is in for a short time period. Hartley's Helmet Diving is a personalized guided tour. I take each group of six or seven divers for their 25-30 minute dive. The trip can be anywhere from three to four hours long depending on how many groups there are (Maximum four). Please do not call us before 7AM (10AM on Sundays), as the phone rings at our home. Calls are not welcome after 10-10:30PM. Bermuda is on Atlantic time, which is one hour later than Eastern Seaboard time. If you call at 10PM New York time, you will get a grumpy, groggy Greg who will wonder why people can't do math. If you wish to speak specifically to me, call after 6PM. Otherwise my wonderful wife, Lynda, will answer the phone for reservations, questions, business matters, and just about anything else thrown at her.

Cruise Ship Charters

We are no longer offered by Shore Excursions on NCL, RCCL, or Celebrity ships. For booking our trip, call us directly at 866 836 3989. If you are on a ship docking in Hamilton, or wish to see a top down view of Hamilton, then click here to see a satellite view of Hamilton Harbour. Do not get side tracked on this fantastic Google site finding your house etc. You are supposed to be researching your trip to Bermuda.

Bermudian helmet diver Bronson and Greg Hartley in Bermuda For those on the Norwegian Dawn and Norwegian Breakaway, as well as those on the Celebrity Summit you may click here for a satellite shot of Dockyard. In the center of the page, first locate the dock corner that sticks upward into the water.We use the western (left) side of that dock corner. Just below the dock corner is the landscaped area that showcases the Moongate. You can see a tiny white rectangle with a shadow.The landscaped area is on the upper righthand corner of the long grey tarmacked bus parking area (one bus visible). Heritage Wharf, used by the Norwegian ships, is the white rectangle with a larger building (with shadow) to the right. Zoom out and you will see Kings Wharf below Heritage Wharf. It is in line with Heritage wharf, but it is smaller and the arrivals shed is also smaller. There is a triangular support for the ship, just above, and another just below the rectangular dock. It is used by the Royal Caribbean and Celebrity ships. Click here or on the Departure Point and Procedures link in the navigation box below, to see a horizontal view of the Moongate, with an RCCI ship at King's Wharf in the background. Children helmet diving in Bermuda

        Our adventure is quite unusual, so it requires folks to think outside the box. We are not in the snorkeling box, nor the scuba diving box. Some hesitate to make an adventurous leap unless a tour is officially sanctioned by shore excursions or personally recommended. We realize you have worked hard for your money and we want you to get the most for it. Call toll-free 866-836 3989 or email us. Experience the fun.
Testimonial for shore excursion Testimonial from Well Traveled Travel VP

This compares to swimming with the stingrays in Grand Cayman and helicoptering and landing on the glaciers in Alaska. Forget the snorkeling trip. When in Bermuda the Hartley Undersea Walk is something you should not miss!!
Judy Loebl, Vice President, Thomas Travel

To book, call toll-free 1-866-836-3989 between 8am and 9pm EST
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