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  Went On Wrong One

We had a great time! When on our honeymoon 1 1/2 (years) ago we went helmet diving and had a good time (Through ship's (Bermuda) shore excursions). When we came back this time we wanted to dive again. Though we thought we had a good time before, the Hartley tour was by far superior! They cared about what they were doing. You can see this was more than a business for them. We would highly recommend this to everyone.

Jen & Chris Samolewig
Testimonial Bermuda visitor Jen & Chris Samolewig


As a land lubber, I just wish the world above was as beautiful and tranquil as the world below. This was well worth the trip -- too bad I had to leave.

The Pasquales
South Salem, New York
Testimonial Bermuda visitor Pasquales

  Seasoned Bermuda Visitor

We've done lots on the island. This was by far the best!

Terry Glee
Atlanta, GA
Testimonial Bermuda tourist Terry Glee

  Scuba Diver From Down Under

My husband and I went Scuba Diving for 3 days at the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns, Australia. (but)We had a lot of fun and & enjoyed ourselves more when we did the helmet dive which did the undersea walk. We touched & held this very large snapper and you pointed out so many wonderful wonders of nature.

Thanks, Sandra & Juan Cadavid
New York, NY 10021
Testimonial Bermuda visitor Sandra & Juan Cadavid

  Wears Glasses

I can not see the big "E" on an eye chart from 10 feet away! Greg Hartley's helmet design allows you to wear your glasses underwater and they stay clear so you can enjoy the underwater experience!

Jeff Hankinson
New Jersey
Testimonial Bermuda tourist Jeff Hankinson

  Tried Scuba Diving Packages

I'm used to diving great exciting places, but did really enjoy the dive. Normally you're dashing around and it was nice to slow down and play with the animals & wildlife. I want to take Franklin home.

Richard Deekin
W. Sussex, UK.
Testimonial Bermuda visitor Richard Deekin


Dear Mr. Hartley
I had a good time helmet diving but when I got in I got scared but I didn't come back up.
Testimonial of  Bermuda visitorTestimonial

sender : avery ryan
subject : great family fun
message : This was by far our best outing in Bermuda! Our children LOVED IT, and our almost-five-year-old even got to keep his glasses on. The kids asked me to log back on this website so they could see pictures of their new underwater friends.

sender : Michael and Diane Cosgrove Selden, N.Y. 11784
subject : Best Tour in Caribbean
message : My wife and I have been to many islands in the Caribbean, been on many tours, but this one was by far one of the best. You are truly the Jacques Cousteau of Bermuda. We have never been so amazed and educated at the same time. The things we experienced and touched were amazing. You can tell this is your life’s work and not just a business. This is a must see for any traveler to Bermuda.
Truly amazing

  Better Than Great Barrier Reef

Far better than helmet diving on the Barrier Reef. The interaction with the fish is fabulous- especially Oliver.

Ron Sheldon,
London June 5th 2001
Testimonial of Bermuda visitor Ron Sheldon

  Wish I Had Known

I recently went on two trips from the Horizon, one being the Peppercorn helmet dive in St. Georges, The other being Greg's out of Hamilton Bermuda. Greg's trip was informative and he stayed with us the entire dive. He didn't let the other passengers swim over us. He took pictures for us. He explained the sea life-None of this happened on the boring Peppercorn dive

Dominic Tinnereito
East Meadow, Long Island
Testimonial of Bermuda tourist Dominic

  Staying With The Hartley's

Dear Greg Hartley,
       Dolores and I experienced your Helmet Diving Adventure about 38 years ago (8/64) with your dad. Today you fulfilled our wish to do it again- It was phenomenal!
We will never forget touching the fish, seeing them up close and examining the coral.
We will be back for a 3rd dive!

Duffy Gallegro
East Northport, NY
Bermuda visitor Testimonial Duffy Gallegro

  Experienced Scuba Diver

To: Hartley's Undersea Adventures
I have been a scuba diver for over 22 years and I have logged well over 500 dives.The underwater tour that Greg gave us was one of the best 'underwater experiences' and one of the most educational 'dives' I've had as a diver.
Everyone should experience this adventure on their trip to Bermuda. Thank you

Jeff Sterner
Bermuda visitor Testimonial Jeff

  Other Helmet Tours Don't Compare

        Did a tour in St. Thomas and it doesn't compare to Hartley's tour. On this tour we were able to touch and feed the fish. Hartley is a great tour guide as well as a person.

Niel and Jeanne Jackson
New York City
Testimonial of Bermuda visitor Neil and Jeanne

  Testimonial from Well Traveled Travel VP

This compares to swimming with the stingrays in Grand Cayman and helicoptering and landing on the glaciers in Alaska. Forget the snorkeling trip. When in Bermuda the Hartley Undersea Walk is something you should not miss!!
Judy Loebl, Vice President, Thomas Travel
Bermuda visitor Testimonial Judy

  Testimonial From Repeat Bermuda Visitor

    As a "non-swimmer", it is great to know that there is a way to interact withthe undersea world. I visit Bermuda twice a year and continue to come back to Hartley's again and again and re-visit some of the fish that I've become friends with.
     I believe that this is a "not-to-be-missed experience", and will continue to return every year.
Denese Schunk
4237 Devereaux St. Philadelphia PA, 19135"
Bermuda traveler Testimonial Denese

  Testimonial from Savy Cruise Ship Passenger

    We had a wonderful time diving with you. Melodie and I have been on 15 cruises and taken many tours along the way. Your dive was by far the best value for the money to date.
    Being claustrophobic as I am, I was afraid I would not like the dive. But again it was a wonderful experience and can't wait to do it again!
   See you next year,
Mike & Melody O'Connel
Fort Worth TX
Bermudian visitor raves about Hartley's Undersea Walk

  Highlight of Her Cruise

    If you're an adventurer who likes to try different things this is definitely it. I can't swim and I'm afraid of live fish, but I lived through it. The bottom of the ocean is something I never thought I would see first hand.
    It was the highlight of my cruise!

Yuneera Hudson
Flint, Michigan USA
Fort Worth TX
Testimonial Yuneera

  Teenager Impressed

        When I first heard of this I thought it would be dull and corney. Then when I got on the boat and got a big talk on it, then I thought it would last 20 seconds and be over. I never knew I would have such a good time. It was great, and I would do it again if I had the time.
Age 13      Chris Ackad
13516Travilah Rd. North Potomac. MD
viper37844@aol,com       20878
Visitor to Bermuda likes Hartley's

  Better Than Snorkeling

        I went snorkeling once and got extremely calaustrophobic. This is a totally different experience. It was absolutely incredible. The fish and the reefs were maginficient.- A delightful day.
Linda Krim
Hollingson, MA
Bermuda visitor likes Helmet diving

  Brought Academics Life

        "I am a college student and never dreamed I would actually see and touch what I've seen on slides, TV or magazines. It was an experience of a lifetime."
Yumeika Hudson
Flint, MI USA
University of Michigan
Hartley's helmet diving is educational

  Timid Person Now Fearless Adventurer

        "I never would imagine that I could have as much corage to do such a thing as today. I can't swim, I don't like messing up my hair and I definately don't like touching the slimy stuff. But after today I guess I can do anything now!
     Well almost"
       Valarie Butcher
        Queens, NY
Visitor to Bermuda empowered by Hartley's helmet diving.

  Left Hubby To come Diving

        What a wonderful experience.I'm a non-swimmer who always wanted to try scuba or snorkelling, but couldn't. I loved touching the fish, walking on (the) bottom of the ocean and seeing the corals. Greg Hartley puts on a great tour. Glad I left my husband on his fishing boat for this.
       Jean Tom
        New Jersey
Testimonial Bermuda visitor Jean

  Dove With Bronson HartleyYears Ago & Brought Gang Back

Dear Mr. Hartley,
     I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your "underseaWalk"
     I was with the party of eight with John Sole, the man who doved with your father. He always kept talking about it and that was how our trip started. We were talking about it and I said I would love to do that. I have always wanted to snorkel, but since I don't swim that isimpossible.
     It was as beautiful as I thought it was going to be. I hope we can go back soon and do it again.
     Thank you also for taking such good care of our friend. She was very scared but she is determined to do everything we do.
     Again thank you so much for all your attention to our group that day.
          Frances Sole
Testimonial Bermuda tourist Frances


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