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Fish appearing on an almost daily basis.

Most have been with us for quite a time span ranging from three months to nine years. These creatures are ones from the latest season in anticipation that they will be with us again in the Spring. To investigate how to meet these fish, CLICK HERE.

George the Grunt

Our George the grunt is named after the first (to my knowledge), fish trained enough to be in photos, by Bronson Hartley. Grunts are a little scatterbrained and act unsure and confused. It takes them a while to figure out exactly how the free food comes to be and how...

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Herb the Hind

Herb is a Red Speckled Hind but he can change hue. He also has a friend, Herb Junior, with whom he would rather not share food. Herb being the larger of the two will assume a light sand matching colour and come right out away from the reef and wait underneath me as I...

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Gollum the Squirrelfish

Like his namesake in the 'Lord of the Rings', Gollum prefers darkness and nighttime. Their daytime vision is poor which results in either shy or inappropriate behavior. He has big dark eyes with a bewildered look. You would not want to hold him because he is spiny,...

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Diana the angelfish

Her official title is, Holacanthus Bermudensis, but we call them Bermuda angelfish. Diana will grace you with her charm and beauty. Her skin is rough so she can't slip away if you grab her. If you do not try to touch her , she will approach you within inches, to...

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Leroy the snapper

Leroy attempted to fill the fins of Stormin' Normin upon her departure. He was named Leroy by James Baxter in an attempt to represent 'the brothers'. Leroy Brown was the baddest man in town. However, Leroy is actually number three in ranking. Number two bites him and...

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