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Price: Per Person $108 per diver $50 for riders $20 for optional photos.

Charter price is $128 per person, as it includes photos and videos, plus a premium of $128  during high-season. If a couple, or a group pays for one extra person, they then get the whole boat, and dive(s) to themselves. You do not have to wait for others to have their dive. And you do not have anyone else on your dive. You do not have to wait for others to book in order to accomplish your adventure. 

Trip length: 3-4 hours

Dive length: 30-40 minutes

Age requirement: Over five is ideal. Ability to read beneficial.

Health requirement: Bermuda authorities require insurance, and the insurance company require THIS FORM to be completed. Bring it filled out and get brownie points and possibly extra air.

Departure Times: Post Covid: One PM Afternoon per person trips are scheduled 4 or 5  times per week. There is too little demand for per person morning trips, without hordes of cruise ship passengers trying to cram as much as they can into two days. The charter option can be at 9AM, 9:30, or1PM or 1:30. A charter gives you more choices. 

Departure point: Mangrove Bay Public Dock. It is right next to the resort Cambridge Beaches and the boat rental H2O Water sports

Dive site: Thirty minutes away, less than two miles from shore, in 8-12 feet of water, inside the reef line. Click here to go to Google map centered on our dive site.  We dive in the sandy area right in the center of the photo. Better is archived static .photo of our boat at the reef.

Water Temperature: April 66-68,May 69-75, June 76-79, July 80-83, August 84-83, Sept. 83-83, Oct. 83-75, Nov Dec over 70. Investigate www.weather.bm for more info on water or land temperature.

View map in satellite mode.  Our boat docks on the end of Mangrove Bay Public Dock, on Somerset Island.

Lower google map incorrect. Lower photos not yet updated to show mangrove bay.


Google link to Mangrove Bay

More info on departure point

More info on departure point

  Due to Covid and almost no ships, we are presently not leaving from Dockyard. We are now leaving from Mangrove Bay Public Dock. This is on the western side of Mangrove Bay, next to Cambridge beaches and H2O water sports....

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Detail on Daily to Yearly Times

Detail on Daily to Yearly Times

Daily and Weekly Generally, Post Covid, we are having per person trips at 1pm, weekends, and 2 or 3 days mid-2week, depending on the season. Charter departure times  are any morning or any afternoon that does not have per-person...

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More on Money

More on Money

Prices 2019 $108.00 per diver $50.00, for those just riding to watch There are some fees on the online booking platform The Bermuda dollar is traded at par with the US one. Refund/Cancellation Policy The credit card number we take at the time of booking is to create...

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