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Hartley Helmet Diver holding a Gray Snapper

Diver being amazed holding a live snapper

Safety Considerations

The purpose of the content below is to separate real from imaginary issues. Browsing a museum or watching paint dry are rarely fun, because there is little danger. Activities said to be fun usually involve some risk (hot wiring a car and joy riding it, bungee jumping etc). Being in a new or unusual environment is fun and stimulating because it generates neural activity. This is viewed as entertaining despite the low risk. Hartley’s helmet dive is fun because is different, easy to do, and the interaction with the marine life is fascinating and stimulating.

It is our intention to make this undersea adventure as fun, yet as safe as we can. Hartley helmet diving is the safest way to experience the undersea.  Your entertainment, enjoyment, safety, and well being are our primary concerns. Please join us and live life.

What happens in bad weather?

Bad weather depends on what you consider desirable and undesirable. Visitors often like sun and dislike rain, both conditions are irrelevant to an enjoyable dive. Though we do need daylight, only strong winds and the accompanying large waves make this program...

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Need I fear sharks, jelly fish,etc?

Despite the media stories, sharks are not an issue. We have never even seen one during our 34 years of diving at this reef. You would have to go twice as far out, well past the reef line, and chum for a long time, to call them in from the deep. Barracuda have a...

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How difficult/safe is Hartley’s helmet diving?

No swimming skill necessary. One need only be able to walk and breathe (Yes, simultaneously!). Divers breathe normally and are not forced, as in snorkeling, or scuba diving, to breathe through their mouths only. The Hartley diving helmet keeps your head dry, and...

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Will the boat sink or break down?

Dive vessel, Rainbow Runner is sea worthy, having made an ocean crossing from Miami to Bermuda. She is constructed from solid laminated fiberglass, not foam core. She has water tight-bulkheads that go above the waterline. The one inch thick plexi-glass bottoms are...

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Am I fit enough?

The physical stress of a Hartley helmet dive is minimal. However, if you are sick enough that a minor amount of exercise will precipitate a medical crisis, then you should not do this. If you have a probation officer, you may not get a job at a bank. If you have a...

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